18 January 2008

The End of Libraries?

I hear this all the time: " Libraries are gone, dead, kaput...." However, I'm not buying it. I saw a post yesterday on Slashdot (link: http://ask.slashdot.org/askslashdot/08/01/18/0420247.shtml) about the impatience of today's kids and implications for the library. I can't deny that it's good: Google books, Wikipedia, etc. however,there is still something about a library that I can't get online. Being a history major, maybe it's the sense of history. Maybe the fact that there are millions of books in the library that are not online and probably never will be. Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic about books. I'm sure the measure of truth is somewhere in between it all.


The People History said...

I like many love the Internet BUT it does not and will never replace the real books and newspapers.

I still prefer to read a good newspaper than online version and reading a good book if fiction or non fiction provides me with a means to curl up away from TV or computers

Long may Libraries and books reign


Tony Bandy said...

I agree....however, what's the best way to transfer this to kids today? Console games, etc. even Google to a certain extent keep distracting them. That to me has been a frustrating point as a librarian....keep trying and keep up the good fight I guess.

thanks for the note.


Anonymous said...

I simply cannot concentrate for long with an e-book. Ditto audio books. I like the physical that is a proper book. With covers and pages. Its satisfying and I've been a bibliophile for so long now, I can't see me ever converting to the 21st century notion of a satisfying read.

I'm forever grateful to my parents for introducing their love of books to me. I remember there were always novels, current newspapers and magazine subscriptions about the house. My father was lifelong subscriber to MacLeans magazine and Reader's Digest in Canada. I've passed this love of literature onto my own two children, though not with quite the same success, I'm sorry to say. Once they fled the nest, reading seemed to get relegated to their childhoods. I hope they rediscover it again!

Tony Bandy said...

I've tried also as well with e-books....and using an LCD panel is a bit better, but you are absolutely right...I would much rather have the paper in my hands.

I have the same struggle with my kids...just hoping one day...