23 February 2008

1964: Beatles, Mustangs and Exploring with Gemini

I was reading Popular Mechanics this morning and stumbled across an ad for the Ford Mustang. This made me think about the year 1964. In a way, 1964, is a pivotal year in American history.


Look at this this way. In 1964 these things happened:

(Source: NARA Archives-Blackwell-Beatles Letter, pg 1)

In the pictures above, I found the the Blackwell letter in the Nara archives. Written from a teenager to the government, one can just sense the importance and the change that the Beatles would have on the culture of the time. No more big-bands or sweet rock-n-roll. The era was passing.

(Source: Archive.org-Styling and the Experimental Car)

The Mustang has come to symbolize the Baby Boomer movement to me. Sleek, low and sporty, this auto, based on a ordinary Ford Falcon is a break from the chrome-laden cars of the late fifties. Try the film and see a facinating glimpse into car design of the early 1960's.

The Space Program-NASA-Gemini

Lastly, the Gemini program symbolizes a move into space, a transformation from the fiftes "shoot and pray" method of space exploration. Man in space was becoming a reality, with the Apollo moon landing happening in just a few years. In fact, Apollo 8 would see the first exploration of landing sites for later Apollo missions.

So, what's your opinion? Maybe it wasn't 1964....if not, what year?

Try the links below for more details.

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Archive.org Mustang design film

Nasa Gemini program

Nara historical archives

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