08 March 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

Morning all! Snowday here in Ohio. Sorta like this:


It's funny, but all the weather people and news all stress about the weather. It makes me think about years, ago, before radar and minute-by-minute updates about the "dangerous" weather. How did people ever survive? So, in the spirit of the blinding snow we are having here, I thought I would go over to the LOC and see what I could find:




While I was poking around their web site, I found a great story about the Blizzard of 1888. Here's a quote:

"..."The bell rang, calling us in to study and recite. The heavy snow kept falling all that day. By the middle of the afternoon, at the last recess, the snow was about two feet deep, and on the top it was almost as light as feathers. At a quarter to three, the school bell rang for the last time that day. We rushed for the brooms to sweep the wet snow from our boots. Just when we got settled down to our books as swiftly as lightning, the storm struck the north side of the house. The whole building shivered and quaked. With deafening whack the shutters were slammed shut by the terrific wind. In an instant the room became black as night, then for a moment there came a ray of light, I stood and said, "May my brothers and I go home?" The teacher said. "Those boys who live south may put on their coats and go, but the rest of you must stay here in this house."..."


I've put the links in below. If you have a moment, check 'em out. Have a great weekend and see you Monday!



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