12 March 2008

Popcorn? Check....Drink? Check.....Let's watch some movies!

Who doesn't like a movie?

Who doesn't like old movies?

Well, if you DO like old movies, then today I have a great link for you to check out! It includes shows like this:

Who needs CSI when you have Sgt. Friday?

Can't forget the cartoon short! Superman anyone????

Now for the main feature:

Want to watch movies like these for free? Forget iTunes for now. Just click over to the Internet Archive and explore for a while. With newsreels, cartoons, full-length movies and more, you can have a DIY movie night with your friends for no cost!

On a serious note, however, for historians and researchers, this site is invaluable for the documentation that it does hold. Trends, fads, costume, culture, these can all be viewed and incorporated into your research.

Plus, you'll have some fun as well.

Have a great day, see you tomorrow!


Internet Archive
Wikipedia entry-Internet Archive


All pictures today courtesy the Internet Archive!

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