02 February 2008

Potty Putty? Er...make that Silly Putty...Much Better!

Silly Putty!!! If you have kids like me, then you probably have tons of this stuff around. Stretchable, bendable, bouncy, almost like a super clay, it is a great toy! With over 4,500 tons sold since its beginnings, one cannot doubt the popularity.

What I tend to find more interesting is that this product joins the long line of other inventions who's origins lie in World War II research. In this instance, the inventors were looking for a practical alternative to rubber, which was very hard to come by during the war years. The more history I study, the more products I find with their origins in either NASA or World War II. Of course there is that saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention."

Here's a quiz for you: Which TV show in the fifties was the first Silly Putty advertisement shown?

Have a good day and check the links below! See you Monday!

Wikipedia entry

  • Check here for the link to the actual patent!

Silly Putty University

MIT Link to Silly Putty

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