04 February 2008

Elvis, Vegas and the eternal jumpsuit!

I've always been amazed by the early-seventies Elvis. Gone is the clean-cut, All-American boy who caused such parental anguish in the fifties. Instead, echoing the times, the groovy, swinging Elvis and his entourage comes through with wild karate kicks and outrageous jumpsuits.

The jumpsuits, as much as anything else, seemed to define the older Elvis. I remembered that this weekend as I read in the Wall St. Journal the obituary/article on Bill Belew, the creator of many of them. Bill's stylistic background included work in tv and stage, as well as many other famous celebrities. He started with Elvis in the late sixties and up until the time Elvis passed. (Source: Elvis Australia)

Of the many costumes, I was amazed to find out that they assumed a life of their own, a name associated with each. Some of these included:

  • "The Red Dragon"*
  • "Burning Flame of Love"*
(*Source: WSJ article)

I guess for Elvis they must have worked and fit (stylistically) the time period in which they were worn. However, it just seems to me, a lotta work. Then again, I'm not a celebrity!

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