04 February 2008

Ernie Pyle....War Correspondent. NEWS FLASH!

I had just finished my post on Elvis and was floating across Yahoo when I saw the notice about Ernie Pyle's death photo had been released by a Richard Strasser (source: Yahoo news). Evidently, from what I can gather from the story:

"...That photo, of unknown origin, appears to be an amateur snapshot, said Katherine Gould, assistant curator of cultural history at the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis, which acquired it and Bannan's photo last year from the Dana historic site...." (Source: direct quote from Yahoo news. See link for complete story)

I guess, in the defense of history, the photo must be shown, but part of me probably wishes it hadn't....

Wars seem to take the brightest.....

See the links below for more information:

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Some World War II articles from Ernie

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Indiana Historical Society

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