09 February 2008

Get the Ack Ack Jack!

After posting up the UFO story with Jack Webb and others, I heard from some folks about my mentioning the Battle of Los Angeles. It's a facinating story, so I'll post up an abbreviated version and some links so that everyone can get the backstory on it. I'll leave it to your best judgement on what actually happened!

It's early 1942 and America has been at war for a bit. The east coast is awash in U-boats and sunken merchant ships, while the west coast stirs and fumes, waiting for the shoe to drop on them. (1) Everyone is nervous and this can especially be seen in Life, for the last of February and early March of 42. Articles on barrage balloons and the shelling of the west coast by Japanese submarines fills the pages.

Suddenly, it's the night of February 25, 1942!

All heck breaks loose in the skies over California! From Santa Monica to Long Beach the scream of air raid sirens, thumping artillery and searchlights break up the night sky! It's an AIR RAID!

The next day, with two conflicting stories from the government, 2 dead civilians, and homes and vehicles destroyed, the truth is an elusive answer. Stimson proclaims it was a raid by at least 15 aircraft while the secretary of the Navy says it was nothing. For Hugh Landis, one of the civilians caught in the uproar, it meant a lot of damage to home and car. (1)

Ok, so big deal, war nerves, right? Yes and no....

According to UFOologists, what actually happened was a raid or visit by aliens of unexplained origins!

Says Wikipedia:

"...A top secret document of questioned authenticity (see Majestic 12), dated March 5, 1942, from Gen. Marshall to President Roosevelt, says that the Army had supposedly recovered an unconventional craft east of Los Angeles and Rear Admiral Walter S. Anderson, chief of Naval intelligence, had also informed the War Department..."

The reality is, as usual, that the actual truth may never be known!

In looking some source material (Life Magazine), I can't really make out anything. However, some of the links at the bottom seem to point out something that could be unexplained. Hard to say, but for whatever reason, it's still neat to read and think about! Enjoy the links and see you Monday!

Battle of Los Angeles (Wikipedia)

The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco

Da** Interesting Web Page Article (Great Links to source material)

225th Searchlight Battalion--the Skylighters!

Time Magazine entry

(1) Life Magazine, Feb.-Mar. 1942

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