11 February 2008

"Hit The Road Jack"

With the wonderful song, "Hit The Road Jack" penned by Percy Mayfield and recorded by the incomparable Ray Charles going through my mind, I was out this morning on 40W through Columbus. Getting home later and digging into some sources on the history of it, the statistics and "backstory" are quite impressive. These include:

  • Goes across 12 states
  • Goes through various state capitals
  • Incorporated in its design and construction are older highways such as the Victory Highway, Oregon Trail, and the National Road.

I never realized all of the history, especially the Victory Highway! Preinterstate roads are rapidly disappearing and/or falling into disuse. Let's not forget the great information that can be found with these.

Check the links below for more details and I leave you with some Ray Charles video I found on YouTube this morning.

Have a great Monday!

US 40

Victory Highway


Hit The Road Jack

Ray Charles

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