14 February 2008

It's the Motoramic Chevrolet! (By Jam Handy?)

Combining Chevrolet's new OHV V-8 engine with a fantastically styled body, the 55 Chevrolet revolutionized the automotive industry. In the clip(s) above, we see the automobile being put through its paces. What you might not realize is the organization that made the film.

The Handy Organization (affiliated with Bray Productions)was a major producer of industrial films in America and had the automobile manufacturers as some of its largest customers. Led by Henry Jamison Handy, prior Olympic athlete, this organization embodies the "best" of the fifties era public service and advertising films. They also were a major film producer during World War II. So grab some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the film!

For more details (and movies) hit the links below! Have a great day!

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Melissa Marsh said...

Oh, these "commercials" are classic! I wish I had one of these cars today. :-)

Tony Bandy said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm sitting in my jellybean...err minivan today thinking about driving one.

Have you seen the Jalopnik Down on the Street series? Evidently there is a town near San Francisco that's a time warp of these cars. Alameda, I think. Here's the link: