08 February 2008

Jack Webb, Nelson Riddle, and little green men!

I was going through some old TV shows on YouTube this morning and ran across this one:

I actually remember watching this one growing up. I was amazed however, to find out that this was another one of Jack Webb's projects. The guy was fantastic....so many of his shows have influenced history as well as today's TV. The neat thing or maybe ironic thing is that many don't realize it! Included also in this short preview is the arrangement by Nelson Riddle.

Loosely based on ideas gathered from Project Blue Book, I believe the series ran for 3 years.

Project Blue book was the official US Air Force investigation on the UFO mania sweeping the country beginning in the late 1940's and accelerating from there. Here's a clip of an image I found over at the FBI:

(Source: http://foia.fbi.gov/bluebook/bluebook.pdf)
also main link:
(Source: http://foia.fbi.gov/foiaindex/bluebook.htm)

I have yet to mention the Battle of Los Angeles...hmm..maybe a good idea for a future post?

Have a great weekend and don't forget to check the links below for details!

FBI Project Blue Book

Wikipedia Project Blue Book

Project UFO -Jack Webb's show

IMDB Link on Project UFO

Direct Link To ClassicTelevisionFan's Channel

Here's a site that looks really great:

Project Blue Book Archive

"(from the site)"The Project Blue Book Archive provides free access
to tens of thousands of official documents
related to the U.S. government's investigation
of the UFO phenomenon."


Darrin said...

Battle of Los Angeles! Yes! Please talk about this soon! I've heard very little about this, but would love to learn more about it!

Tony Bandy said...

Hi Darrin!

I've got a TON of stuff on that. I actually ran across it doing research for the post. Will try to put it up tonight!

thanks for the note!!!