28 February 2008

Doughboy News!

Being a soldier far away from home is no picnic. You are surrounded by strangers, eating bad food, and doing things you don't ordinarily do--and that's just the beginning! Military life is quite a change from civilian life no matter in which country you live.

As a result, any news from home is a great thing. This can be letters, notes, books, or any sort of printed materials. So what is all this about? Well, today's post is about this:

(Source: LOC)

The Stars and Stripes Newspaper!

Published for the doughboys during World War I, the paper became a little bit of home for our boys overseas. Jam packed with:



...and news:

(Source: LOC)

Nothing better to cure homesickness than the daily news!

What's even more remarkable is the great job the Library of Congress has done in digitizing and making available to resesearchers the issues of this paper. Try the link below. The papers are crisp, clear and the images can be zoomed in and out and work quite well. If you just want more information on the Stars and Stripes, check the links as well.

Have a great day, see you tomorrow!


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