01 March 2008

Cartoons with Bugs and the Merrie Melodies Gang!

If you're like me, you've grown up with Merrie Melodies and probably Bugs Bunny. These are the classic American cartoons. Nothing to buy, no toy product placement here, just simple side-splitting entertainment at its best.

Knowing this, I visited the archive.org site tonight and found the following you might be interested in:



Born in 1939, this classic short was directed by the famous Tex Avery. Great cartoon, but unfortunately, many of the gags might not be recognized by folks today.

Our next cartoon is Bugs Bunny. The unique aspect about this cartoon is that it was produced during the war years. Here's the first shot:


Now, notice the board:


I've posted the links below to the pages on archive.org where you can either view the cartoons online or download to your machine for later viewing. I've also included some Wikipedia resources just to give you the backstory.

Have fun and have a safe weekend!

See you Monday!


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