28 February 2008

Management Note; New WorldCat Functionality

Hi all!

I wanted to take and do a double post today. The first is this, a note from me about some new functionality. The second post will be the regular feature...that is history.

Being a librarian, to me there is nothing greater than finding information, particularly the information I'm looking for. Be it a book, trivia, history or just whatever, knowing I have access to it is great.

So, to help me AND you, I've put a search box up on the blog from WorldCat:

Nope, I'm not getting any money for this...I just put it on the blog so if you run across a book or topic and you want to see if your library has it, just type it in the search box and see what happens. If you are overseas and not in the USA, it should still work. Would you let me know if it doesn't? I would appreciate it.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled history post!

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