22 January 2008

Controversial....but very, very useful!

Some folks feel threatened, others are glad. As a librarian and historian, access to history is always important. I guess that's why I absolutely love Google Books. In fact, it's one of the few places that heads the top of my list when doing historical research.

For example, I was doing some research on Ernie Pyle recently and just flipped to Google books and started looking up World War II themes, just to see what was there. Here's a short list (with links) of some of the good stuff I found:

"Okay Girls, Man Your Bunks"

Personal biography about life in the WAVES during WW II.

Green Light!: Men of the 81st Troop Carrier Squadron Tell Their Story

Lots have been written about the paratroopers themselves, what with Band of Brothers, etc. However, they did have to get to the drop zone somehow. This book tells you how.

Bombs Away: The Story of a Bomber Team

Written by the great author Steinbeck, this books details the trials and tribulations of flying the heavies during WW II.

Now some of the books are previews but many are the entire book. With the option to create your own personal library as well as links to where the books can be bought, this historical research options cannot be overlooked.

Here's the link directly to Google Books as well as the post about it on Wikipedia. Have Fun!!

Google Books

Wikipedia's entry

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