25 January 2008

Drop the horn Eddie, it's the G-Men!

Talking with a family friend the other day and the subject of "Louie Louie" came up. One of the instantly known and very familiar songs from the sixties and still quite popular today, this amazing tune (the cover by the Kingsmen) is best known for the "wild" lyrics that are at times completely unintelligable. Because of this, the song has been claimed to be full of profanity, double-speak, and a whole lot more.

In his book, Blinded by the Lyrics; Behind the Lines of Rock & Roll's Most Baffling Songs, Brent Mann talks about the lyrics behind the song and the subsequent investigation by the FBI. FBI? Yes, it's true! There was a a complete case on the song, due to the supposedly obscene lyrics, causing the Interstate Transportation of Obscene Material Act to be invoked. However,nothing came of the investigation, because according to the sources, there wasn't anything there!

Check the links below for copies of the FBI report, other sites and book exerpts. Warning though, some of the sites can be off-color, so be careful.

Wikipedia entry
Urban Legends page
Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay: An Anthology
The Smoking Gun entry for Louie Louie
Blinded by the Lyrics: Behind the Lines of Rock and Roll's Most Baffling Songs

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