22 January 2008

The Judy Garland Telegrams!

I've entitled this post "The Judy Garland Telegrams" in reference to an amazing find while searching NARA tonight. I've just barely scratched the surface here, but evidently 1964 was a pretty traumatic year for Judy Garland as evidenced by this quote from Wikipedia:

"...was largely disastrous. Garland's first concert in Sydney, held in Sydney Stadium because no concert hall could accommodate the crowds who wanted to see her, went well and received positive reviews. Her second performance, in Melbourne, started an hour late. The crowd of 70,000, angered by her tardiness and believing her to be drunk, booed and heckled. Finally Garland fled the stage after just 45 minutes....She would later characterize the Melbourne crowd as 'brutish.'..."

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judy_Garland

With the year in mind, the following telegrams seem to indicate that she was feeling better at some point and felt encouraged by the support from Robert Kennedy and his wife.

Here's the source article from NARA:


Search for "Judy Garland Robert Kennedy"

You cannot bookmark the results, but by searching the phrase above, should pull the record down ok. Here's a small picture of one of the telegrams:

Source link: http://media.nara.gov/media/images/40/13/40-1287t.gif

Try hitting the main search page and doing the search. You should be able to pull the small link as well as temporary links for the big pictures. A facinating glimpse both of NARA as well as Judy Garland and Robert Kennedy and their families.

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Poor Judy had it rough...it was a sad life.