23 January 2008

I'm all shook up! That "Sexhibitionist"* Elvis Presley and NARA?

My detective work in NARA continues! Today I have stumbled across a most amazing find. I never dreamed that these things would show up in the official archives, but in a sense I'm glad they do, only because as a historical sleuth, this gives additional insight into American society.

As you know, unlike many of today's figures in popular music, Elvis Presley was drafted into the army and indeed, willingly went. While we can only suppose the impact he truly felt, we can know for certain the impact felt by many who admired him, his work and songs. Truly, it was the teenager who probably felt this most.

Here you will see a letter written to then President Eisenhower by three of Elvis's fans begging Ike to release Elvis from his duties:

To find a readable copy of this letter, hit the ARC search engine. Keyword Elvis followed by a revised search for digital items. There are lots more goodies here, especially if you are a Elvis and Nixon fan.

ARC Search Link: http://www.archives.gov/research/arc/

Wikipedia Search Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elvis_Presley

*Note the "Sexhibitionist Elvis Presley" part of the title I came across by searching the Time archive around the time Elvis was drafted...searching for popular reaction. A quick search showed some articles but not too many other than the wacky title above. Maybe I just need to dig more.....here's the link if you have time:

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